California County Sees Average Gas Price Soar Above $7 per Gallon  

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California is maintaining its status of having the highest gas prices in the nation, with one county in particular seeing prices soar above $7.00 per gallon for regular fuel. The nationwide average price for gas jumped yet again on Monday, breaking another record of $4.865 per gallon. That reflects a nearly $0.25 cent jump in the last week, a nearly $0.59 rise in the last month, and a $1.81 rise in the last year. Mid-grade gas has hit a national average of $5.218, and premium is now $5.510. Diesel also hit another record on Monday, reaching $5.645. No state in the nation is seeing an average price below $4.00, and several states have an average of $5.00 or more. Those states now include Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Hawaii, Alaska, and California, the last of which has the highest gas price average in the nation — $6.341, which is more than $1.47 higher than the average price nationwide. San Francisco County, for instance, is seeing an average of $6.590 per gallon. Mono County is experiencing the highest gas price average in the country, with prices soaring over $7.00, standing at $7.044. According to AAA, the demand for domestic gas rose last week in the midst of Memorial Day weekend, despite one-third stating that the price of gas affected their Memorial Day plans.

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