California bill proposes a ban on cops who express ‘conservative’ or ‘religious’ views

A new bill proposed in California would prohibit police officers from serving if they are part of a hate group or have expressed arbitrarily-defined “hate speech,” The Federalist reports.

The California Law Enforcement Accountability Reform Act (CLEAR Act) would require a background check of all police officers to prevent “the infiltration of extremists in our law enforcement agencies.”

State Assemblyman Ash Kalra, who proposed the bill, said that it comes as a response to “the apparent cooperation, participation, and support of some law enforcement” in the Jan 6 riot on Capitol Hill.

Conservatives have expressed concern over the possibility of the bill preventing those who oppose abortion or same-sex marriage from serving as policemen.

“Under the guise of addressing police gangs, the bill at the same time launches an inexplicable, unwarranted, and unprecedented attack on peaceable, conscientious officers who happen to hold conservative political and religious views,” said Pacific Justice Institute Senior Staff Attorney Matthew McReynolds.

“Indeed, this is one of the most undisguised and appalling attempts we have ever seen, in more than 20 years of monitoring such legislation, on the freedom of association and freedom to choose minority viewpoints.”

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