Buyer’s Remorse – Biden Voters Are Already Showing Signs – HEY! DIDN’T SAVAGE SAY THAT VERY THING RECENTLY?

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When midterm elections loom just around the corner, most presidents push populist policies to lure Independent votes as a means of retaining their party’s majority in Congress. President Biden, however, seems to be doing everything to push middle-ground voters away. It’s almost hard to believe that Biden wants his party to retain control of Congress at all, given his performance so far.

While the administration celebrates saving families 16 cents on Independence Day barbecues, American families face the harsh realities of misguided government priorities.

Countless small businesses have shuttered their doors, millions of American workers have been paid to stay home instead of encouraged to find work, and American families are facing rising inflation, the likes of which we have not seen in years.

We’re barely six months into Biden’s term and many voters are already experiencing a massive case of buyer’s remorse. A recent survey from the Center for Excellence in Polling found that less than half of all voters approve of the job Joe Biden is doing as president—a noticeable drop since May. While Democrats’ approval of the president remains high at 87 percent, the president’s approval rating with Independents is beginning to wane. In May, a narrow plurality—45 percent—of Independents disapproved, but by early July, nearly half found themselves in that camp. Meanwhile, President Biden’s approval with Independents dropped sharply from 44 to a dismal 37 percent.

This lackluster support of the president shouldn’t come as a surprise. As President Biden continues to push his agenda of massive government spending and welfare for all, American voters are being left behind.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that costs of consumer goods have increased by more than 5 percent over the past year. A whopping 69 percent of all likely voters have concerns about this kind of inflation, including 69 percent of polled Independents. Voters see with their own eyes how the skyrocketing cost of lumber increased the cost of buying a new home by nearly $36,000. The rise in prices for vehicles impedes their ability to go about their daily lives. And pain at the gas pump—with fuel prices up 95 cents per gallon from last year—affects many aspects of life, from the prices of groceries and medications to daily work commutes.

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