Bus loads of migrants arrive in the Big Apple from Texas, as city officials condemn Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s plan as ‘inhumane’

Migrants from Texas are arriving by the busload in the Big Apple, as part of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s plan amid a growing feud between the states over asylum seekers, despite some city officials calling it ‘inhumane.’ 

 On Saturday, nearly 50 migrants, mostly young men and some women, arrived at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York, with another busload expected later in the day, The New York Post reported.

Between 250-300 migrants were reported to have arrived on Wednesday at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, making it the largest total to arrive in one day so far.

These expats make up the 1,500 that the Texas governor plans to send to the city to draw attention to the flood of migrants crossing daily from the southern border, with that number expected to rise to two million in this fiscal year, the news outlet reported.

With many of the city’s shelters already overburdened, the city opened 14 hotels in and around New York to house the surge of migrants on Thursday, the Post reported. 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been shipping migrants from Texas to New York City and New York City since April to make a point to President Biden on how he feels about his border policy.


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