Bud Light sales have plunged in EVERY US region – dropping 29% in heartlands

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New figures reveal that Bud Light sales have plummeted in every US region in the wake of their disastrous partnership with Dylan Mulvaney.

America’s flagship beer brand has been sent into a steep decline after they used the controversial trans influencer, 26, to promote the beverage.

Data from Beer Business Daily showed that the US’s number one brand has fallen in every region of the country.

Sales in the Rocky Mountains dipped the most significantly, down by 29 percent, with the South Atlantic, West North Central and East South Central all dropping 25 percent.

The Tumbleweed, a cowboy bar in Wyoming – in the Rocky Mountains region – ditched Bud Light after the controversy – instead plumping for Guinness.

Sales in the East North Central were down 23.5 percent, in the week ending April 22, with the areas including Michigan and Illinois, which have both seen a backlash against the beer.

It comes as analysts at HSBC have downgraded Anheuser-Busch’s stock because they are in the midst of a ‘crisis’ over the marketing blunder.