Bruce Willis’s Family Finally Admits the Truth: He Has Significant Cognitive Issues, and Will Retire from Acting at Age 67


Bruce Willis’s family has done the wise thing and admitted the truth. They say Bruce has recently been diagnosed with aphasia and will retire from acting. I am so glad they’ve finally done this.

Willis has had cognitive issues for years. He was making god awful D films, ruining his legacy in the process and possibly not understanding that at the same time. Willis recently was given a whole category at the Razzies for eight bad performances. It was embarrassing.

So this had to stop. The Razzies, possibly coupled with the advancing nature of Bruce’s condition, finally made the family come to this decision. What’s great is that Demi Moore, Bruce’s ex wife and mother of his three eldest daughters, has been so involved. The family has really pulled together.

The trouble began a few years ago when he suddenly had to be replaced in the 2015 Woody Allen movie “Cafe Society” by Steve Carell. At the same time, Bruce was on Broadway in “Misery,” reading his lines off cue cards or having them fed into his ear by an off stage helper.


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