Brooklyn shooting suspect Frank James facing terror-related charges after calling Crime Stoppers on himself  

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NY Post

The smirking madman who turned a rush hour commute into a bloody terror when he opened fire in a crowded New York subway car called Crime Stoppers on himself Wednesday morning — then calmly went for an afternoon stroll through the East Village while he waited for police to come get him. “A call came into Crime Stoppers … The guy says, ‘You know I think you’re looking for me. I’m seeing my picture all over the news and I’ll be around this McDonalds… I want to clear things up,’” law-enforcement sources told The Post of the bizarre moment Frank James called cops on himself. “So the unit responds and he’s not at the McDonalds so they start driving around and see a man who fits the description. When they take him into custody they find his Wisconsin driver’s license.” A couple of eagle-eyed New Yorkers also flagged down a pair of cops after they spotted James sauntering through the East Village, where he briefly sat down at an outdoor dining shed and charged his phone at a Link NYC hub. The NYPD swooped in shortly after and put him into handcuffs.

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