Brooklyn father stabbed to death on NYC subway, slashed after sticking up for cop

Tommy Bailey is being hailed a hero by his family after he was murdered on the subway in NYC after standing up for a female cop.

BROOKLYN, NY. – New York City subways have seen a recent string of deadly attacks with at least eight murders so far this year. 

One of those tragic cases was the murder of Tommy Bailey. The 43-year-old husband and father was stabbed to death while riding on the subway in Brooklyn. He was a hardworking man, a loving father, and a husband. He leaves behind three kids who said their dad was a hero. Friends of the family are asking for community support following the tragedy.

“I just felt horrible. I mean nobody should ever have to die that way. It’s so sad. Especially leaving behind three young kids. I mean, what is that family to do now? The loss of the breadwinner. I mean, it’s just life changing for them in a really bad way,” Bailey’s friend Bill Abbate said. 

Bailey was a Local 638 Union Steamfitter and always stuck up for what was right. That is what witnesses said he was doing moments before he died, when he stepped in to defend a female police officer who was being harassed by a man. Then, that suspect pulled out a sharp object and slashed Bailey in the neck.


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