Bronx mobster survived five attacks in a year before he was rubbed out on his son’s orders, prosecutors say

The first attack on Sally Daz came more than a year before his murder — a man he’d never met stepped up to him in his Bronx driveway, asked him for a job, then punched him in the neck.

The 71-year-old mobster, whose real name was Sylvester Zottola, operated in the criminal underworld — he built a $45 million Bronx real estate empire off his decades of work running illegal gambling machines for the Mafia.

But he had no idea why someone would take a swing at him.

He certainly didn’t think that punch — planned and paid for by his own flesh and blood, according to federal prosecutors — was the opening salvo in a campaign of violent attacks, culminating in his killing as he waited for coffee at a McDonald’s drive-thru in 2018.

Federal prosecutors say the whole, messy plot was put into motion by his youngest son, Anthony Zottola, 44, who had designs on the real estate empire.


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