Brian Laundrie: Ex-FBI, cops say Dog the Bounty Hunter could ‘sabotage’ search


Before Duane Chapman was celebrated as Dog the Bounty Hunter, he was jailed for murder following a pot deal gone bad.

Jerry Oliver was gunned down in 1976 by an accomplice of Chapman. Though he did not pull the trigger, Chapman, 23 at the time of the killing, spent 18 months in jail on a first-degree murder conviction.

Recently, he has been courting cameras and wading through Florida swamps, hunting Brian Laundrie, who’s wanted for questioning in connection with the death of  Gabby Petito.

But Oliver’s family is haunted both by their loss and the fact that Chapman, 68, has gone on to fame.

“We don’t like that Dog and want nothing to do with him,” Danny Oliver, brother of Jerry Oliver, told The Post.

They’re not the only ones. Experts says authorities aren’t exactly Dog fans, either.

“Nobody in real law enforcement respects people in fake law enforcement,” Kevin Harrington, the COO of MG Security Services and a former NYPD detective chief, told The Post.

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