Breitbart—Michael Savage Turns 80: Radio Legend Reflects on Career, Family, and Achieving the American Dream


In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on his 80th birthday, conservative radio talk show legend and #1 New York Times best-selling author Michael Savage reflects on his over two-decade media career and opens up about what it’s like to have achieved the American dream—from being the son of a Russian immigrant to becoming one of America’s most influential political voices, to being the proud father of a top food and beverage business mogul.

JOSH CAPLAN: You began your career over two decades ago as a local radio host at San Francisco’s KGO and climbed the ranks to become not only one of the most powerful voices in the conservative media, but one of the most powerful in all of American politics. You channeled that power to even help elect Donald Trump to the White House in 2016. Reflecting on your incredible career, how do you feel about your accomplishments?

MICHAEL SAVAGE: I don’t think about it, and you may not believe it, but I don’t receive the amount of feedback that you’d think. In 1994, I started in radio and I held a compassionate conservative event at the Marin Center with thousands of people. I went on to create the Paul Revere Society, and I had to think about what we stand for. I said we stand for a stronger nation, which is defined by borders, language, and culture. That has become my legacy issue.

I also wrote a book called Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder and the thesis of the book is true. How do liberals not know what a woman is? Do they not know what a border is for America, but they’re willing to risk a world war for the borders, language, and culture for Ukraine? Everything they do is the mark of someone on medication who is crazy. And they declare us to be the enemy.

But my career is not all political. My work with plants is another side of me that is unknown to the general public. I wrote a book years ago entitled Secrets of Fijian Medicine. The book is based on tons of research about the Fijian islands. I spent time there picking medicinal plants and working with folk healers. It sounds dry and boring, but these could be the source of future medicines for mankind. I’m going to reissue this book for my birthday on Kindle.


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