Brazil gangs impose strict curfews to slow coronavirus spread

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The Guardian:

Drug traffickers in Rio favelas order residents to stay home. Fears grow over impact of virus on poorest Brazilians

Drug traffickers in one of Rio de Janeiro’s best-known favelas have imposed a coronavirus curfew, amid growing fears over the impact the virus could have on some of Brazil’s poorest citizens.

In recent days, as Brazil’s coronavirus death toll has climbed to 46, gang members have been circulating in the Cidade de Deus (City of God) favela in western Rio ordering residents to remain indoors after 8pm.

Last weekend the low-income community – made famous by Fernando Meirelles’ 2002 blockbuster of the same name – became the first such area to record a case of coronavirus.

And in an apparent attempt to prevent further infections the Red Command gang leaders who control the favela have ordered residents to stay at home.

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