The New York Post:

Schumer unveils $3.5T bill to hike social and climate spending, raise taxes and give green cards

Senate Democrats on Monday unveiled a sweeping, $3.5 trillion blueprint to boost social spending, raise taxes and pass a range of Democratic policies from electric car purchases to immigration reform under special budget rules.

Democrats hope to ram through the massive spending program without Republican support — vastly expanding federal renewable energy projects, putting new pollution fees in place, and setting up universal preschool for 3- and 4-year-olds, free community college and subsidized paid family and sick leave.

The bill would hike taxes on businesses and higher incomes while also making the state and local tax (SALT) deduction cap more generous, in effect lowering taxes for some residents of high-tax jurisdictions like New York.

The budget reconciliation bill can pass with a bare majority in the evenly divided Senate and many of the details remain vague and will have to be hashed out through a series of amendments and likely protracted negotiations with Democratic centrists.

It’s unclear if instructions to grant green cards to “qualified immigrants” are intended to legalize people currently in the US illegally. Such a policy could be struck down as too tangential to the budget by the Senate parliamentarian, who earlier this year axed a proposed $15 national minimum wage from a different bill on that premise.

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