Boris Johnson Survives Leadership Challenge in Snap Party Poll  

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson won his confidence vote Monday evening, a lightning poll of top Conservatives after a challenge was announced just this morning. Sir Graham Brady, the Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) and party functionary responsible for dealing with leadership challenges procedure spoke from the House of Commons Monday night to reveal that of 359 votes cast, 211 had confidence in the Prime Minister. Some 148 voted against his leadership, giving him a majority of 63, a reasonably clear victory. The result means Boris Johnson has survived this attempt on his leadership, and by the rules of the Conservative Party is now immune from another such challenge for one year. Yet going by the conventions and traditions of the party, Boris is by no means safe. While winning a confidence vote is reasonably easy, surviving the consequences is not: going on to win a subsequent election with the public perceptions associated with having been challenged for your own leadership by colleagues hanging over a campaign is a difficult matter. The confidence vote was only announced this morning after a Conservative internal process which sees such challenges made official once 15 per cent of sitting MPs in the party have put in sealed letters to Sir Graham. A decision to get the process over and done with as quickly as possible had clearly been reached, with the announcement and the vote coming within hours of each other.

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