Boris is Back: UK PM Makes First Public Appearance in 25 Days, Calls for Optimism and Determination

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The United Kingdom is close to ‘winning’ phase one of the battle against coronavirus, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said as he appeared outside Downing Street upon his return to work, following his recovery from the China virus.

Addressing the United Kingdom from Downing Street, the Prime Minister’s office and official London residence on Monday morning, Boris Johnson doubled down on the government’s broader message that ending lockdown was not on the near horizon, but urged for optimism. The PM insisted that the nation would beat “phase two” of the coronavirus response, just as it has very nearly “won” phase one, but did not make clear if there would be further phases beyond.

Making his first public appearance in 25 days — the last having been a brief appearance outside Downing Street on April 2nd as part of the government’s ‘clap for carers‘ initiative — the Prime Minister attempted to strike an upbeat and encouraging note. While acknowledging the lockdown had been difficult on individuals, families, and businesses, he said more had to be done while emphasising the importance of the nation pulling together.


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