Border Patrol deploys elite tactical agents to Boston, other sanctuary cities

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WCVB – Boston:

The Trump administration is redirecting agents from a specially trained Border Patrol unit to help ramp up arrests and removals of undocumented immigrants in sanctuary cities, including Boston, multiple law enforcement officials confirmed to ABC News.

The New York Times reported that the deployment of the teams will run from now through May.

Besides Boston, other targeted cities include San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, New Orleans, Detroit and Newark, New Jersey.

A statement from the Department of Homeland Security said the Customs and Border Protection agents and officers who are being detailed to help ICE come from a number of different sectors and job positions. “While some of them are trained in tactical operations, that is one of the many areas of training,” the agency said.

The Times reported that among the agents being deployed to sanctuary cities are members of the elite tactical unit known as the Border Patrol Tactical Unit, which acts essentially as the SWAT team of the Border Patrol.

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