Border Patrol Agent Shot Multiple Times, Returns Fire on Smuggler in New Mexico

A human smuggler allegedly shot an El Paso Sector Border Patrol agent during a traffic stop on Thursday afternoon. The agent sustained multiple handgun rounds to the chest and managed to return fire, striking the suspect.

During a traffic stop on a suspected human smuggling vehicle on New Mexico Highway 146, the alleged human smuggler opened fire on a Lordsburg Station agent, according to a statement obtained from El Paso Sector Border Patrol officials. The gunman’s .40 caliber rounds struck the migrant multiple times in the chest. Fortunately, the agent’s body armor saved him from serious injury.

The agent returned fire on the vehicle as it fled. At least one round struck the suspect in the arm, according to a confidential source.

As the driver fled, he eventually lost control of the vehicle and rolled off the side of the highway. Agents took six people into custody, including the wounded U.S. citizen alleged gunman.

Officials reported two people in the overturned vehicle had to be flown approximately 140 miles to a trauma center in El Paso, Texas.

The wounded agent was taken to a hospital where he was examined and released, despite having taken multiple rounds to the chest. The agent’s body armor protected him from serious injury. He is reported to be in good condition on Friday.

Border Patrol officials previously told Breitbart Texas they are experiencing an increase in the incidences of armed human smugglers.


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