Blues State Blues: Free Kyle Rittenhouse


There is only one reason Kyle Rittenhouse is on trial for murder in Kenosha, Wisconsin: Democrats needed a scapegoat for the violence they themselves had caused and condoned during the Black Lives Matter unrest that shook the nation in 2020.

In that fateful last week of August 2020, the small, quiet Midwestern city exploded in unspeakable violence because of the fake news that police had shot and wounded an unarmed black man who was only trying to protect his family in their car.

The alleged victim of this police brutality, Jacob Blake Jr., was in fact armed with a knife at the time, and was violating a restraining order, visiting a woman he had previously been accused of assaulting. There was a warrant for his arrest, and the woman called 911, which is why the police were there.

Blake resisted arrest, and fought the cops. The police officer who shot him was investigated, and quietly exonerated.

But Democrats had no use for facts.

The morning after the riots erupted that Sunday night, August 23, then-candidate Joe Biden released a statement. Astonishingly, he blamed the police and declined to condemn the violence. He signaled that Blake was the latest victim of America’s “systemic racism.”

Thus given a green light by the standard-bearer of the Democratic Party, and by the establishment media, rioters flocked to Kenosha. The police, restrained by Democratic politicians, stood down and let it burn.

By then, millions of Americans had endured enough. The Republican National Convention — a televised spectacular that week — highlighted the nationwide unrest.

Biden’s poll numbers began to sink, and desperate Democrats took to the airwaves to urge Biden to say something, anything, to condemn the violence. But he was terrified of alienating the “progressive” left, for whom the violence was a sacred revolutionary rite.

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