Bloody pig’s head left on a spike outside Los Angeles police station as George Floyd protests continue

The U.S. Sun:

A BLOODY pig head was left on a spike outside of a police station in Los Angeles as protests against police brutality continue throughout the US and world.

The skull was discovered outside the LAPD’s Rampart Station on Saturday afternoon, according to TMZ.

 A severed pig head was found on a spike outside the Los Angeles Police Department's Rampart Station on Saturday

Law enforcement sources said the police department is investigating and reviewing security footage around the area.

Cops have been told to keep a low profile while off-duty as demonstrations continue, following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis two weeks ago.

Last week in Kansas City, Missouri, a protester apparently threw a pig’s head at officers during a demonstration, and another was thrown at police headquarters, KCTV reported.

Police officers have for decades often been labeled with the derogatory term “pigs” by those opposing or upset with them.

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