‘Blood All Over’ After Another Stabbing in Glasgow, Scotland


Glasgow saw another stabbing on Sunday in what police are describing as a “targeted attack”. The incident comes just days after a knife rampage by a Sudanese migrant horrified the Scottish city.

Around noon, Scottish police cordoned off Argyle Street as emergency services attended to the stabbing victim.

“Literally just happened, was loads of screaming and guy is on the ground with blood all over him. Looked like the guy came out of the Premier Inn hotel,” an eyewitness told the Glasgow Times.

“The guy’s shoes and a load of blood still on the pavement,” he added.

The Greater Glasgow Police force said in a statement that the stabbing is believed to be a targeted assault and therefore not a threat to the community as a whole.

It is not known at the time of this reporting, whether the police have a suspect in custody.

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