BLM MAYHEM – Swarm of ‘armed anarchists’ wielding axes and guns descend on Denver Police HQ and ‘shoot fireworks at cops’ (video)

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The U.S. Sun:

DOZENS of armed Black Lives Matter anarchists descended on the Denver Police Headquarters and damaged buildings, set fires and shot fireworks at cops. 

The mob, consisting of between 50 to 75 demonstrators, were said to be wielding numerous weapons — from axes to guns — during the incident.

Fireworks were shot at officers, an American flag and a tree outside a courthouse were set ablaze, windows were shattered and a fast-food restaurant was broken into during the unrest on Saturday, news outlets reported.

The violence comes amid heightened tensions in the US over police brutality and the growth of the Black Lives Matter movement following the killing of African-American man George Floyd in May after a white cop knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

But Murphy Robinson, executive director of public safety, and who is black himself, said the incident was not a civil rights protest.

He said: “It was anarchy.

“The narrative that these anarchists are marching for justice of Black lives is frankly false.”

“The people that showed up last night and the anarchists that showed up last night brought weapons to the table. 

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