BLM leader’s sick threat is an insult to black crime victims

New York Post Editorial Board:

Eric Adams is still weeks away from becoming the city’s 110th mayor, yet Walter “Hawk” Newsome, the self-appointed leader of Black Lives Matter/Greater New York, threatens “riots,” “fire” and “bloodshed” if Adams revives the NYPD’s plainclothes anti-crime unit next year.

It’s an outrageous incitement from a man who shouldn’t be given an iota of money or attention. The larger Black Lives Matter movement needs to disavow this jerk even more than it already has.

After a testy livestreamed sit-down with Adams at Brooklyn Borough Hall, Newsome went outside, denounced his host and issued threats that meet the FBI’s definition of domestic terrorism. This, to try to prevent a police crackdown on gangs that are killing young black men.

Do the lives of innocent black crime victims not matter?

Adams sure thinks they do: He rightly sees “no reason we cannot have both safe streets and racial justice in our city.” Throughout his winning campaign, he promised a smaller, well-trained and well-supervised anti-crime unit focused on guns and violent crimes.

In fact, the real question is why he even met with Newsome. “Hawk” is a crank, who tweeted his own prescription for soaring gun crime: “The answer to violence is opportunity & ending poverty. Not Police.” He also implied that providing “healthy, free, plant-based meals” would stem violence.

Right. Why isn’t Adams just ending poverty and handing out Impossible Burgers?

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