The U.S. Sun:

COPS clashed with BLM and Antifa protesters in ugly scenes outside the White House – as some declared they would stay for weeks if President Trump is re-elected.

Before polls had closed in D.C., a group of protesters clashed with police near Black Lives Matter Plaza and one arrest was made.

Cities across the country have seen storefronts boarded up and, in some cases, the National Guard being called, as law enforcement groups prepare for potential unrest.

In D.C., officers lined the streets around the White House and a fence was erected around the perimeter of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where thousands of protesters gathered.

Black Lives Matter and Shutdown D.C. were reported to have organized the gathering, which has been planned to last long into Election Night.

At Black Lives Matter Plaza, one block away from the White House, a giant screen displayed election results as DJs perform to motivate the crowd.

  • Trump camp declares victory in Florida with 51 per cent of the vote
  • Biden’s team said it was ‘not worried’ about losing ‘Sunshine State’
  • Democrat leading in race for battleground state of Ohio with 52 per cent
  • Texas on knife edge where Biden could turn Texas blue for first time since 1976
  • Trump to make TV address to nation in matter of hours

Nearby, a group of Trump supporters were also gathered – but they were greatly outnumbered by the anti-Trump crowd.

The earlier scuffle reportedly stemmed not from a clash of supporters, but from protesters failing to follow police orders and move a demonstration vehicle that was illegally parked.

Black Lives Matter protests have been taking place for months in the nation’s capital  – stemming from nationwide unrest that followed the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in May.

According to Fox News, a collection of Black Lives Matter and Shutdown D.C. groups held training sessions on Zoom, preparing how to mobilize protesters should Biden lose or the president does not concede.

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