BLM activist from Indiana admits to posing as black person, vows to ‘seek help’

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New York Post:

Another “black” activist has admitted to being a white person.

Satchuel Cole, a community organizer for Black Lives Matter in Indiana, fessed up to the years-long ruse in a Facebook post last week — and vowed to “seek help.”

“Friends, I need to take accountability for my actions and the harm that I have done. My deception and lies have hurt those I care most about. I have taken up space as a Black person while knowing I am white. I have used Blackness when it was not mine to use. I have asked for support and energy as a Black person. I have caused harm to the city, friends and the work that I held so dear,” said Cole, 45, who was born a woman but identifies as non-binary.

“I am sorry for the harm I have caused. I am sorry for the hurt and betrayal. I will do what I can to show that I want to be a better person,” she wrote.

The mea culpa comes after an exposé published by BlackIndyLive, which ran yearbook photos of Cole’s white parents, and produced documents showing Cole once listed her race as “white.”

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