BLM activist and Dove ‘fat acceptance ambassador’ Zyahna Bryant backed DEFUNDING the police – but called cops on over polite interview request

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The Black Lives Matters activist at the center of a furious backlash after Dove unveiled a partnership with her has previously backed defunding the police – despite calling the cops almost immediately over a polite interview request.

Zyahna Bryant, 22, is accused of ruining a white student’s life over a ‘misheard’ remark in 2020. Yet Dove recently hired her to promote ‘fat liberation’ in a bizarre and controversial new campaign – leading thousands to boycott the brand.

When visited community organizer and University of Virginia student to ask about the controversy, we spoke to a woman who said she was Bryant’s sister and handed over our contact details.

But Bryant’s manager rang back to say the activist felt threatened, before Charlottesville chief of police himself then called echoing the manager’s message.

This is despite Bryant being an outspoken advocate for defunding police over the years, having previously promoted the abolition of a Minneapolis police department.