Blacks & Whites “Cannot be Friends” – Emerson College Professor recently Promoted to Dean

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Professor Kim McLarin has a history of writing racially divisive essays. She was nominated to be the next interim dean of graduate and professional studies at Boston’s Emerson College.

Emerson College, a liberal arts college in Boston, has nominated creative writing professor Kim McLarin to be its next interim dean of graduate and professional studies. McLarin is a racial segregationist who doesn’t believe that blacks and whites can be friends and divorced her husband because of his race.

William Gilligan, Emerson College’s interim president, announced McLarin’s acceptance of the position last month; McLarin will begin her new role on January 1, 2022.

McLarin is known for her racially divisive anti-white rhetoric. In 2019, she wrote an article for The Washington Post entitled “Can Black Women and White Women be True Friends?”

She writes that black women and white women will never be able to have “true friendships.”

“Generally speaking, it’s not that I dislike white women. Generally speaking, it’s that I do not trust them. Generally speaking, most black women don’t,” she observes.

McLarin claims that many black women have decided to cut ties with white people due to their racial differences. White women are just “too much trouble” to be around, they told her.

In a separate article for The New York Times, McLarin shows that her

anti-white hate is not limited solely to white women. She states she will not date any man who is white. This piece was published in September 2006, just after McLarin divorced her ex-husband, who is white. She admits that her ex-husband’s race played a significant role in her decision to end the relationship.

Less than a month before her nomination, McLarin wrote an article for The Sun Magazine entitled “On White Violence, Black Survival, and Learning To Shoot.”

If a civil war breaks out, I say, if violent white mobs begin roaming the country as they have done in the past, I will not worry about precision shooting. I intend to sit on my porch with my legally acquired handgun and as much ammunition as I have and perhaps a bottle of Scotch and take them as they come. I say as much to my husband. My husband, understandably, is shocked. He’s not sure he believes me. I’m pretty sure he should.

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