Black Opposition to Migration Sparks Primary Against Democrat Jim Clyburn


Democrat James Clyburn got his start in South Carolina politics 53 years ago, and he’s been elected, reelected, and reelected to Congress for the last 30 years.

But African-Americans have lost their share of income, wealth, and status during those 30 years. Those losses were imposed largely because Clyburn’s Democrats — and the GOP — have changed the economy by working with companies to export millions of jobs and to extract millions of migrant workers and renters from poor countries.

The vast foreign “in-migration” means that U.S. investors do not have to hire black Americans in the southern states or the northern cities. They don’t even have to build new workplaces in mostly-black southern counties. Instead, the investors can just bus in their new workers from the local airport.

Gregg Marcel Dixon wants these economic trends to change, so he is running in the Democrats’ open primary against Clyburn in South Carolina’s poor Sixth District. The polls close on June 14.

“We talk about a crisis on the border — what about the crisis in black America?” he asked Clyburn at a public event.


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