Black militia NFAC going to Louisville for Kentucky Derby – This Saturday, Sept 5

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Louisville Courier-Journal:

NOTE – The Kentucky Derby is traditionally held in the Spring, but due to Covid-19 this year it was rescheduled for September 5.

An armed Black militia called NFAC – “Not F’ing Around Coalition” plans to come to Louisville on the day of the Kentucky Derby despite there being no fans in the stands — but the group’s exact plans are unclear.

The NFAC announced earlier this month that it would return to Louisville on Sept. 5 for the annual Run for the Roses. The original plan called for blocking guests from getting to the race, leader John “Grandmaster Jay” Johnson said in a recent YouTube video.

However, after Churchill Downs announced at the end of last week that the Kentucky Derby will be run without fans, Johnson said the group will make adjustments but still come to Louisville on Derby Day.

“The whole idea was that you ain’t going to the Derby because you can’t get through us,” Johnson said. “Well, they took the people away.”

“This is a chess game,” he added. “They made a move, we made a move, they made a move, now it’s our time to make a move. … Now that they’ve taken the people away, it changes the whole game up a little bit.”

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