Black Lives Matter labeled ‘delinquent’ by California AG over murky finances  

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NY Post

California’s Department of Justice is pursuing Black Lives Matter over its murky $60 million coffers — warning the group’s shadowy leadership that it will be “personally liable” for any fees or fines. The state’s Attorney General Rob Bonta sent a formal warning to the controversial activist group on Monday, according to a letter shared by the Washington Examiner. “The organization BLACK LIVES MATTER GLOBAL NETWORK FOUNDATION, INC. is delinquent with The Registry of Charitable Trusts for failing to submit required annual report(s),” the letter stated. “An organization that is delinquent, suspended or revoked is not in good standing and is prohibited from engaging in conduct for which registration is required, including soliciting or disbursing charitable funds.”

BLM was given 60 days to file tax and charity documents for 2020 — the year it previously confirmed collecting a staggering $90 million, with at least $60 million left over after expenses and grants.

That fortune sparked a firestorm from affiliates that say they have never received much-needed financial help, while co-founder Patrisse Kahn-Cullors went on a real estate buying binge. If it misses the 60-day deadline, BLM could lose its tax-exempt status and be hit with late fees “for each month or partial month for which the report(s) are delinquent,” the Justice Department’s letter warned. “Charitable assets cannot be used to pay these avoidable costs,” the letter said.

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