Black Lives MAGA – Democrats’ Worst Nightmare! as Black Trump Supporters March in Los Angeles

The Political Heat:

Amidst the scorn, and despite being called c**ns and Uncle Tom’s, a few of us black Trump supporters took to the front to head a collective march thru the streets of Los Angeles, as we all showed support for America, Trump, and our police.”

We’ve got some strange things going on with regard to race.

For months now, thousands of violent rioters — the vast, vast majority of them evidently Caucasian — have taken to the streets bearing the banner of “Black Lives Matter.”

While screaming at black people in uniforms.

And raging about things having nothing to do with race, like the right to own their own business (capitalism) and the ability to keep from getting dead (anti-anarchical law enforcement).

Meanwhile, the official organization Black Lives Matter™ — led by “trained Marxists” — lists among its objectives a rebellion against family.

And the Smithsonian is telling us things such as hard work, planning for the future, science, rigid time schedules, aesthetics, justice, competition, and individualism are inherently white.

Here’s another: To hear the media tell it, only the pale prefer the President.

Joe Biden agrees — if you don’t vote for him, “you ain’t black.”

But surprise: Many actual black individuals own their own businesses, show up on time, work hard to compete, and do it in style — like artists.

And they don’t all think alike.

That was made clear in Los Angeles this weekend, as black supporters marched with flags touting “Trump 2020.”

One of the event’s leaders gave the mainstream media narrative a bit of What For:

MAGA Hulk’s twitter profile

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