Black Leader: Left ‘Weaponizing’ Black Youth to ‘Undermine America’ – A SAVAGE LISTENER?


EDITOR’S NOTE – Savage has been making this point for years! He cites Pol Pot in Cambodia as a chilling 20th-century example of weaponizing youth: remember “the Khmer Rouge” and the piles of skulls? HERE’S ONE – LISTEN NOW!


The leader of a new black movement that celebrates the nuclear family, education, faith, and free enterprise asserts the left is “weaponizing” black children by keeping them in failing schools and grooming them in how to “undermine America.”

TakeCharge President Kendall Qualls said in an article posted Wednesday on the movement’s website that the left’s opposition to school choice is part of a “strategy to ‘successfully weaponize’ these young people.”

“Those on the left are deploying tactics often seen in communist countries to change America from its core foundation,” Qualls said in the Minnesota-based group’s TakeCharge News. “The effort, which began many years ago, has a two-phased approach. The first phase is to disrupt the nuclear family and its influence on young people. The second is to develop an undereducated class of people who are easily controlled through simple messaging and emotion.”

“A quality education is the gateway to prosperity,” and that “prosperity” is a dream “that can be realized by anyone regardless of race or social standing,” are among TakeCharge’s “core principles.”

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