Black ‘Extremist’ Group Appears at Texas Border Bridge Camp with Food for Migrants

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Self-described members of the Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge (ISUPK) appeared at the Del Rio migrant bridge camp ahead of what they say is a larger convoy representing the group. On Wednesday, they were turned away by Border Patrol personnel guarding the perimeter of the site. The members claimed they were attempting to deliver provisions to migrants. The ISUPK is considered an extremist group by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), among others. Breitbart Texas spoke to members of the group outside the gates to the camp that once held nearly 15,000 mostly Haitian migrants. That total now stands at less than 7,000 amid a non-stop effort to reduce the population with removal flights to the Caribbean and other means. The ISUPK members told Breitbart Texas they were turned away by guards but are determined to reach the campers even if it meant traveling to Mexico first to deliver the supplies. One member said they represent a faction based in Houston, Texas, but they are nationally headquartered in Harlem.

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