Birx went to Delaware with family on Thanksgiving despite her travel warnings

The New York Post:

Dr. Deborah Birx traveled with family out of state over Thanksgiving weekend — disregarding her own advice to stay home and not gather during the holidays, according to a report.

The White House coronavirus response coordinator was joined by three different generations of family at one of her vacation properties on Fenwick Island in Delaware on Nov. 27, just one day after the Thanksgiving holiday, the Associated Press reported.

The group — which included her husband Paige Reffe, a daughter, son-in-law and two young grandchildren — were from two separate households.

Birx — who has a home in Washington D.C. and another in Potomac, Maryland — defended the trip saying that she needed to take care of winterizing the property before a potential sale. “I did not go to Delaware for the purpose of celebrating Thanksgiving,” Birx said in a statement.

She argued the members of the trip belong to her “immediate household,” though acknowledged that they live in separate homes.

Birx had urged people in the days leading up to Thanksgiving to keep gatherings to “your immediate household.”

“I don’t like it to be any number,” Birx said on CNN’s “New Day.”

“Because you know, if you say it can be 10, and it’s eight people from four different families, then that probably is not the same degree of safe as 10 people from your immediate household.”

Birx said that at the time that every American is obligated to make sacrifices to stop the spread of the virus.

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