Billionaires Demand Fast-Track Amnesty After DACA Decision

Investor advocates and White House officials are lamenting the latest legal defeat of President Barack Obama’s 2012 DACA amnesty, and are calling on Congress to pass a formal amnesty by Christmas.

“Congress absolutely has to act this year,” claimed Todd Schulte, head of the lobby group for wealthy West Coast investors, after the federal court announced the decision on October 5.

“Our businesses will lose critical employees,” said a press statement from a business coalition organized by Schulte’s billionaires. “We once again urge Congress to swiftly pass legislation this year that will help Dreamers, American businesses, and our country,” said the Coalition for the American Dream.

“It is long past time for Congress to provide Dreamers [DACA illegals] with the ability to live and work … they’re valued employees at the businesses where they work,” said a statement from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The investor group backs migration because it boosts their businesses with more wage-cutting workers, more consumers, and more renters. The founders include Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt, and Mark and Priscilla Zuckerberg. It was created in 2013 to help pass the 2013 “Gang of Eight” cheap labor and amnesty bill.

“There is a *lot* of confusion but this is a big step forward to the courts terminating DACA,” Schulte said in an October 5 tweet.


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