Billionaire Michael Moritz slams Dems for San Francisco’s drug-addled ‘zombie zones’

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A billionaire venture capitalist and partner at Sequoia Capital has blasted the state of San Francisco’s seedy, drug-addled downtown — lambasting the city’s Democrat leadership which “bans plastic straws but permits plastic needles.”

“It’s a strange city that bans plastic straws but permits plastic needles. Yet that’s San Francisco today,” Michael Moritz, 68, seethed in a fiery op-ed published in the Financial Times Wednesday.

“Between 2020 and 2022, 1,985 people here have died from drug overdoses compared to 1,143 from Covid-19,” he added.

The former journalist-turned-investor said rampant and unchecked drug-use has turned the City by the Bay in a “zombie” land.

“Fentanyl, the synthetic drug that is 50 times more powerful than and a fraction of the cost of heroin, has turned many blocks of the city into zombie zones,” Moritz wrote.