Bill Clinton Admits: ‘There Is a Limit to How Many Migrants Any Society Can Take Without Severe Disruption’

Former President and devout globalist Bill Clinton incredibly stated the obvious and acknowledged immigration should have limits.

In a stunning departure from typical pro-immigration liberal talking points, where the damage to a country by hordes of illegal migrants must not be mentioned at any cost, Clinton astonishingly admitted to CNN’s Fareed Zakaria that a nation can only take so much.

“I think it’s fair to say the asylum system is broken,” Zakaria told Clinton. “This was supposed to be a system that allowed people who are in desperate circumstances.”

“Now what you have is a lot of people who are essentially economic migrants … essentially gaming the system, using the asylum as a way to get in. Isn’t it true that there has to be some order placed on this? Some control?” Zakaria asked Clinton.

“I agree with that,” Clinton replied. “That is, there is a limit to how many migrants any society can take without severe disruption and assistance, and our system is based much more on an assumption that things would be more normal.”

Clinton went on to recall the past when Mexican migrants would cross freely back and forth between the US and Mexico for agricultural work, saying at the time it “worked for people.”


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