Big-game hunters defend kills, say they won’t back down after receiving backlash for posting photos


The woman who sparked a social media outcry and a government investigation after posting an image of a goat she claims to have killed in Scotland is not backing down from her online critics, saying that she will “never apologize for being a hunter.”

Larysa Switlyk’s comments come after she went off the grid for two weeks for a remote “hunting adventure” in the wake of the late October uproar. Her post last month, in which she said she killed a wild goat on Scotland’s Isle of Islay with a “perfect 200 yard shot”, prompted the country’s government to announce that it would conduct a review into how it regulates hunting.

“I will never apologize for being a hunter and I definitely don’t regret posting my hunting photos online,” Switlyk told Fox News. “People do not need to follow me on social media if they don’t want to see them. It’s really that simple.

“It’s also immensely satisfying and a privilege to get your food this way,” she added. “Whether this gets your goat or not, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. Even though violence and name-calling seems to be the way our society is going, it’s not the way I choose to hold a discussion.”

Some Twitter users responded to similar remarks she recently made on Twitter by urging her not to come back to Scotland ever again.

“It won’t hurt your feelings because you don’t have any,” one said. “You are a classic psychopath.”

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