Big Europe has three times U.S. coronavirus deaths

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The Washington Times

Europe’s five largest nations have suffered more than three times the coronavirus deaths as the United States, though collectively they have about the same population. The United States had recorded 20,614 deaths as of Sunday morning, while the five European countries (324 million people, compared with 330 million in the U.S.) tallied 63,054, according to a Washington Times analysis. New confirmed COVID-19 cases from Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain also exceeded the number of U.S. infected, 654,357 versus 530,200, according to the Johns Hopkins University global coronavirus tracker. The U.S. death count from the pandemic also is below Europe’s big five in a per capita analysis by the Our World in Data research unit at Oxford University in England. The U.S. rate, which began with the first confirmed case in Washington state in mid-January, sits at 65 deaths per million people. Only Germany, where the virus struck later than in the U.S., fares better at 35 per million. Spain and Italy each stand at 330 deaths per million, France at 220 and the United Kingdom at 145.


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