Biden’s press office plagued by negative coverage, messaging gaffes as media signals ‘honeymoon is over’


The White House has been plagued in recent weeks with negative reports about President Biden’s press office coinciding with a series of messaging gaffes, and mainstream news organizations typically friendly to Biden have taken notice.

“It has been most interesting to see the establishment media try to adjust its coverage of the Biden administration. Mainstream media helped run cover for Biden in the 2020 campaign and for the early months of his administration,” DePauw University journalism professor Jeffrey McCall told Fox News Digital. 

“But the media narrative that Biden was a unifier and that any national problems were just Trump leftovers just had to disintegrate in the face of cold reality,” McCall said. “Even the left-of-center media have had to grudgingly acknowledge that the Biden administration is struggling.” 

McCall believes media credibility is “already quite dismal” and continued promotion of Biden has become unworkable when public opinion polling indicates that Americans see the administration’s problems. 


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