Biden’s new left of racial radicals: Goodwin

Michael Goodwin – NY POST

The e-mail was short and nasty. After first calling Sen. Tim Scott “the token Uncle Tom” and the N-word, the writer added: “You knuckle dragging conservatives should be sent to the ovens.” This is how political disagreement is often expressed today. The writer, Mildred50, if that’s her real name, was one of many on the left who were infuriated that Scott, a black Republican from South Carolina, had the gall to declare that “America is not a racist country” in his rebuttal to President Biden’s address to Congress. Scott did not duck the unfinished business on race or his experiences of being stopped for no reason by police. He was frank in acknowledging there is more work to do. But he also put Biden to shame by hailing the enormous progress America has made, in stark contrast to a president who sounds stuck in the past when he compares new voting laws to the Jim Crow era and insists the country remains riddled with “systemic racism.” For his common sense and optimism, Scott received deserved acclaim and, distressingly, an outpouring of hatred, with the “Uncle Tim” slur trending on Twitter for 12 hours. The e-mail from Mildred50 echoed that vile language, but the second sentence revealed something more. By saying “You knuckle dragging conservatives should be sent to the ovens,” the writer effectively identified as a liberal. Liberals, not so long ago, were the vanguard on civil rights. They pressed hardest for equal opportunity for black Americans in workplaces, schools and government. Yet here is a racist who identifies as a liberal while wishing conservatives get “sent to the ovens.” The Holocaust reference is also unmistakable and repugnant.

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