Biden’s ‘help’ for child care would make the middle class pay $13K a year more

NY Post

Oy: It turns out the child-care provisions of the latest version of President Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill would utterly slam the middle class. Don’t take our word for it: Left-leaning Matt Bruenig offers that analysis at People’s Policy Project, laying out why middle-class families would have to pay an average $13,000 more a year. Why? Biden mandates much higher wages for child-care workers but only grants subsidies to households making their state’s median income or less. So other families get stuck paying far more. According to the left-wing Center for American Progress, the average cost of center-based infant care is $15,888 a year, with workers paid an annual $25,460. Biden would hike pay 138 percent, to a new average of $60,660 a year. Pay isn’t centers’ only expense, but this will still push family costs to $28,970 — up $13,000.

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