Biden’s Border Lies Show Contempt For Constitution

President Joe Biden and the officials in his administration have a bad habit of telling us that they’re not doing what we clearly see they are doing. Case in point: Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas who, despite repeatedly and insistently claiming the border is “closed,” has admitted it really isn’t. Right now, the Border Patrol is dealing with a sudden and overwhelming influx of Haitians following last summer’s coup in that poverty-stricken country. They’re part of a growing mix of people from Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and even as far away as the Mideast and Africa, trying to cross illegally our porous southern border. How many have come? And how many have been deported? After weeks of prevaricating and hemming and hawing, Mayorkas responded in a TV appearance Sunday to the growing border disaster. It didn’t go well. As the New York Post pointed out, Mayorkas lied at least seven times on “Fox News Sunday” defending the administration’s border policies that have wrought such chaos. That might not be a record, but it is surely close.

Among those lies:

Mayorkas’ fresh claim of “at least 12,000” Haitians and other illegal entrants out of 17,000 released at the border and into the U.S., a statistic he said he didn’t know just days ago. It will get worse because at least another 4,000, perhaps more, are on the way from Central America.

His statement that the Biden administration will “follow the law” on letting illegals enter the U.S. As noted on Monday, even after a court overturned the Obama-era “Dreamers” amnesty program, the Biden administration announced “that it will simply create a new rule to circumvent the legal ruling.” In short, Biden will ignore the law, not follow it.

His assertion that Department of Homeland Security will remove those here illegally who don’t appear for their hearings. In fact, as Fox News’ Chris Wallace pointed out, some 44% of all those who cross illegally don’t show up in court and little if any effort is made to arrest and deport them. “The law provides that individuals can make a claim for humanitarian relief. That is actually one of our proudest traditions,” Mayorkas responded. “Proudest traditions?” It’s against the law. Period.

His claim that border agents’ lawful and entirely proper recent actions on horseback to keep Haitians from flooding across the border near Del Rio, Texas, “painfully conjured up the worst elements of our nation’s ongoing battle against systemic racism.” That’s an odious lie: Even the New York Times and CNN now admit the Border Patrol did not “whip” attempted border crossers, as alleged. But the Biden administration nonetheless continues to repeat the lie.


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