Biden’s ‘bigot’ smear vs. Trump voters: Devine

The New York Post (Miranda Devine):

Joe Biden is America’s biggest troll. 

His speech in Tulsa could not have been more disunifying, dishonest or more designed to inflame. 

Who is the president’s speechwriter? Goebbels? 

No, white supremacy is not a threat worse than ISIS. 

No, Texas’ voter ID bill is not “a truly unprecedented assault on our democracy.” 

Biden could have given an uplifting speech on Tuesday at a ceremony marking 100 years since the Tulsa Race Massacre. 

Instead, he wheeled out his now-familiar refrain that democracy is “in peril” from the enemy within. 

“Terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today.” Not ISIS, not al Qaeda, white supremacists, he declared, citing “the intelligence community.” 

Does he remember ISIS? 

The images of its atrocities are etched into the memories of the rest of us. 

ISIS gang-raped Yazidi women. It ethnically cleansed whole swathes of Iraq and Syria, slaughtering Christians and driving them out of their homes. It threw homosexuals off buildings. 

It set victims alight and burned them in cages. It beheaded hostages. It displayed severed heads on spikes on street roundabouts and public squares in Raqqa, the capital of its pretend-caliphate. 

Its reign of terror, which lasted roughly from 2014 to 2018, was like a throwback to the barbarism of the Middle Ages. 

We minimize its evil at our peril. 

Or how about al Qaeda, the other terrorist organization the president claimed was not as bad as the white supremacy he won’t stop talking about but never defines. 

Nothing more needs to be said than 9/11. How can we forget the poor souls who leaped to their deaths from the Twin Towers. 

How can we forget the smell of burning jet fuel, the photographs of the 3,000 dead plastered across the city, the hundreds of firefighters and police who ran into mortal danger that day. 

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