Biden town hall prompts mockery, ‘Beavis and Butthead’ comparisons

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President Biden is being dragged on social media after a moment in his CNN town hall performance that has users comparing him to the cartoon “Beavis and Butthead.” 

While listening to a question from CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Biden stood on the stage with his arms bent in front of him and fists closed. Dozens of netizens took to Twitter sharing an image of Biden in the position along with a picture of Beavis, who is known for the trademark jittery pose. 

“Biden is straight comedy! Uhhhh Beavis……” former Australian NBA player Andrew Bogut tweeted with a laughing face emoji. 

Social media personality and commentator Mike Cernovich tweeted a video of Biden with his arms bent and asked, “What is Biden doing?”

Dozens of Twitter users flooded Cernovich’s replies, making the comparison between the president and the cartoon character. 

“That or he’s about to transform into cornholio,” one user wrote, referencing Beavis’ hyperactive alter ego that usually makes the gesture. 

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