Biden Throwing a Conniption That Twitter Wouldn’t Transfer Trump’s Followers to Him

Red State:

Joe Biden, who had difficulty having anyone come to any of his events, whose “rallies” may have had those poor little social distancing circles, just not a lot of supporters, is now really upset that Twitter wouldn’t just turn over to him the presidential Twitter account with President Donald Trump’s massive number of followers.

Twitter has decided that while they are turning over the @POTUS and @WhiteHouse accounts to Biden, the account followers will be wiped to zero, that followers will be notified of the change of account and given the choice if they want to continue to follow. Some media initially falsely claimed this was the president’s decision, but Twitter made it clear that it was theirs and theirs alone.

Biden’s transition team gave a statement to CNN, complaining about not getting the followers who Trump had built up.

“Twitter’s reluctance to transfer millions of followers from the Trump Administration to the Biden Administration unnecessarily politicizes what otherwise should be a routine transfer of communication from one administration to the next,” spokesperson Cameron French declared.

Trump has over 33 million followers on the @POTUS account and 26 million on the @WhiteHouse account.

Twitter apparently told the Biden people their decision was unequivocal and they didn’t give any reason why. Perhaps they are worried that the followers would just be constantly lighting Biden up and so that was the easiest way to stop that?

The Biden folks are clearly worried that he would have to get his own followers. After all, who wants to follow a Biden account that Biden likely wouldn’t even be tweeting from most of the time? With Trump, you always knew it was Trump. But with Biden it will be some boring functionary trying to say the proper thing… and not Joe. But even if they transferred the followers over, many Trump followers said they would just unfollow the account.

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