Biden Says ‘Computer Chip’ Shortage ‘Biggest Reason’ For Inflation in Wacky Speech

Joe Biden made bizarre claims during a speech in Wisconsin, claiming that computer chips in automobiles is the biggest reason for sustained high inflation in the U.S.

“The biggest reason [inflation] was so high is because of the cost of automobiles. Do you know why they cost so much? Because they didn’t have the computer chips to make the automobiles,” Biden told the crowd during the “Laborfest” event in Milwaukee.

Though a shortage of computer chips is greatly contributing to higher car prices, they don’t cause inflation.

Inflation is caused by excessive government spending facilitated by the Federal Reserve’s endless money-printing powers, not car prices.

In other words, inflation drove up car prices. Car prices did not drive up inflation.

But now we can add “computer chips” to Biden’s crazy list of reasons for inflation.


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