Biden, Psaki & Harris – ‘Hypocritical’ tweets slammed Trump strikes, now dropping their own bombs on Syria

The Sun:

PRESIDENT Joe Biden, Jen Psaki, and Kamala Harris have been accused of hypocrisy in relation to tweets slamming Trump strikes, after dropping bombs on Syria.

Old tweets from US Vice President Kamala Harris have resurfaced after air strikes against Syria were launched by US forces.

In a related item, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted “I’m surprised it only took about 33 days to get back into Middle East conflicts.”

The U.S. dropped seven 500-pound Joint Direct Attack Munitions, ( JDAMs) reportedly killing 22, at a crossing used by Iranian-backed militia groups to move weapons across the border.

The attack, which marked Joe Biden’s first military operation, came in the wake of rocket attacks by fanatics on American targets in neighboring Iraq.

The U.S. appeared to be retaliating for a February 15 rocket attack on the American military base at Erbil International Airport – which was later claimed by the Guardians of Blood Brigade.

The violent operation has drawn accusations of double standards, after Twitter users have resurfaced old tweets slamming the Trump administration’s Middle East air strikes.

In one tweet, dating back to 2019, Biden called Donald Trump “erratic” and “impulsive” after he threatened to bomb Iran.

“No president should order a military strike without fully understanding the consequences,” he wrote.

‘We don’t need another war in the Middle East, but Trump’s actions toward Iran only make that more likely.’

Trump pulled out of the 2019 airstrikes referenced in Biden’s tweet, reportedly changing his mind ’10 minutes before the strike,’ over fears for civilian casualties.

And another tweet of Biden’s tweets, from October 2019, surfaced in which he once again referred to then-President Trump as ‘erratic’ and ‘impulsive’.

The ensuing conflict would lead to more than 300,000 being displaced.

When campaigning for the Democratic nomination, Biden told a crowd in Iowa that the Trump administration had “abandoned” Kurdish allies in the region.

“The events of the past week … have had devastating clarity of just how dangerous this president is,” he said.

Embattled Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene weighed in on the controversy, with a tweet claiming Joe Biden had “jumped right back into Barack Obama’s Syrian Civil War”.

“The GOP should oppose the DC Swamp / Deep State’s blood thirsty desire for endless wars,” she said.

“Biden has supported sending Americans to die in wars for 50 years (Iraq)”

“We need leaders who put #AmericaFirst!”

It wasn’t just Biden’s past tweets under examination; a tweet from press Secretary Jen Psaki in 2017 questioning the legality of attacking Syria had also resurfaced.

“Assad is a brutal dictator,” she wrote.

“But Syria is a sovereign country.”

Critics of Mr Biden’s administration have also been quick to jump on tweets from Ms Harris from 2018, where she questioned strikes ordered by then US President Donald Trump’s administration.

“I strongly support our men and women in uniform and believe we must hold Assad accountable for his unconscionable use of chemical weapons. But I am deeply concerned about the legal rationale of last night’s strikes,” Harris’ tweet read.

“The president needs to lay out a comprehensive strategy in Syria in consultation with Congress — and he needs to do it now.”

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