Biden Needs a War. Don’t Give Him One.

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There is the temptation to rejoice, or at least snicker, over what the legacy media wags are calling Joe Biden’s Week From Hell last week.

The snickering is completely warranted, as Biden’s multiple unfolding disasters, which blew up in his face like a pack of exploding cigars over the last 10 days or so, are almost unanimously self-inflicted.

Can’t kill the filibuster to pass a “voting rights” bill which eliminates voter ID — something nearly four-fifths of the American people support — and institutionalizes practices like ballot harvesting and allowing illegals to vote? Sympathy for your plight is a bit tough to come by. Maybe bring a bill the Susan Collinses, Bill Cassidys and Mitt Romneys can support, and you won’t have to worry about the filibuster.

That obvious solution didn’t seem to penetrate the skulls of Biden’s handlers. These are the same people who not only steadfastly believe that accusing every Republican not named Adam Kinzinger or Liz Cheney of being a seditionist and a traitor for questioning various items among their 2020 electoral practices is a moral thing to do, but also that it’s a sound political strategy.

To say that strategy has blown up in their faces thus far would be charitable.

Inflation at a 40-year high? Maybe don’t drop trillions of dollars out of helicopters while instituting piles upon piles of regulatory abuse while paying people not to work, and you wouldn’t have a problem you’ll find as politically poisonous as it is intractable when your administration is full of malevolent economic illiterates.

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