Biden mulls screeching Uturn to fend off migrants in Trump-style policy like one he REJECTED in 2020

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Joe Biden has finalized Trump-style plans to stop illegal migrants flooding into the U.S less than 48 hours before Title 42 expires – and as thousands more are seen streaming across the border from Mexico.

The policy, as seen by CBS News, is almost identical to a law which had been introduced by the Trump administration – and which was decried by Biden at the time. It required migrants to request refugee status in another country, such as Mexico, during their journey to the southern border – before crossing into the United States.

Those who fail to follow the criteria are liable to be deported.

Introduction of the law comes as unauthorized border crossings spike, with Border Patrol averaging over 8,700 daily migrant apprehensions during a recent three-day period, a significant increase from the 5,200 average in March.

The sudden policy reversal appears to have been made in response to images of thousands of desperate migrants now swarming across the border before the change in the law later this week.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers have already scoured the streets of El Paso in a ‘targeted operation’ to tell migrants to register or face detention.