Biden got testy in call when Zelensky asked for more military aid: report

Joe Biden reportedly lost his temper and raised his voice on the phone with Volodymyr Zelensky when he “did not show enough gratitude” after the US president signed off on $1 billion worth of military assistance.

During a phone call in June, Mr Biden turned testy when Mr Zelensky began listing what else Kyiv needed and was not getting shortly after the US president announced the aid package, NBC News reported.

The commander-in-chief is said to have briefly lost his patience and reminded Mr Zelensky that “the American people were being quite generous” and stressed that the White House and the US military were doing all they could to help Ukraine in its war with Russia.

The president’s frustrations were said to have been rising for weeks before the June 15 call, with Mr Biden confiding to aides that he believed his administration was pulling out all the stops to help its ally, but that Mr Zelensky continued to focus on what was not being done.

A spokesman for the National Security Council declined to comment on NBC’s story. A spokesman for Mr Zelensky’s office also did not respond to a request for comment.


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